The AlignBooks a Cloud-Based Accounting Software, Makes Invoicing, GST, and Compliance Easier


AlignBooks is an online business accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses, Chartered Accountants and other experts, and people who work from home or on the go.

Anand Jajodia and Samir Garg started AlignBooks in 2017 to help small businesses keep track of their bills electronically and with a lot of thought.

When the deadline for Indian businesses to use accrual accounting with audit trail features was set for April 2021, the Department of Corporate Affairs pushed it back by a year. In the next few months, this strategy hopes to move Indian small businesses into the digital age.

An accounting software platform called AlignBooks is ready to take advantage of the trend by automating and digitising things like e-invoicing, GST, and other small business things that need to be done to make sure they stay legal.

You can read about Anand Jajodia, who is a co-founder of AlignBooks, here.

“SME facilitators and partners have not been available, which has allowed them to focus on their main business responsibilities rather than back-office tasks. Here, the company that makes AlignBooks was made and launched in 2017.”

It was Anand’s goal to give small businesses a complete, tech-based accounting system that they could make their own. Anand has a lot of experience with ERP development and deployment. Co-founder Samir Garg came up with the idea for AlignBooks after this.

Anand says that the programme already has more than 30,000 small business customers in India and has processed more than 15 million invoices, which is a lot of money.

AlignBooks is a mobile and desktop app that helps you put your books in order.

This free business plan was made by people who went to IIT.

SMBStory: You and Samir came up with the idea for AlignBooks when you and Samir were together. When it comes to technology, what’s going on inside the car

According to Anand Jajodia [AJ], “We wanted to build a cloud-based banking platform with a pdf format and a safe way to back up information.”

After seeing the problems that small businesses had because they didn’t have enough internet, we came up with an interactive solution that would work even if there wasn’t any internet. If you don’t want to use it online, there’s a desktop version with cloud synchronisation that can only be used when you’re at home.

As a result, we kept improving our software to make it easier for businesses that focus on eCommerce to use. We did this by setting up and providing a variety of interfaces, including those with online marketplaces.

You can see how your inventory and operations are being managed in AlignBooks’ integrated MIS reports now, too. Program: It also comes with integrated GST software that can be used from a single screen in your accounting and ERP software.

It also has auditing and CVSS (Customer Vendor Self Service), which give it a unique look.

AlignBooks: How do MSMEs get started with AlignBooks? The process: What is it like?

AJ: Easy: AlignBooks is very easy to set up and use right away. Visit and sign up for a free trail. It doesn’t take long for anyone in the small business sector to start using AlignBooks because of the way the platform is built.

Despite the fact that our software is cutting-edge and cloud-based, we have made every effort to keep it as cheap as possible. In exchange for a one-time payment of Rs. 2,500 per year, the software is given to you.

The programme could help small businesses with e-invoicing, GST, and other things. If they use the programme, they could do better.

There are many features in the platform that help you run your business. These include sales, point of sale (POS), billing and inventory control, linked banking for receivables and payables, auto-reconcile your bank account and cross-transactions, and more.

It’s Tally Solutions’ job to figure out how many people are TallyPrime wants to help small businesses automate their businesses in the face of the epidemic.

AlignBooks is a great tool for small businesses, but what makes it unique and why should they use it?

AJ: We recently found out that MSMEs have changed their business models in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, which has made it easier for people to use the internet. MSMEs are moving more and more online and expanding their reach, with big e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and others becoming important sales channels for small businesses.

Most small businesses aren’t used to shopping online, which makes it hard to deal with so many items. To help MSMEs learn more about AlignBooks, we’ve tried to put together a high-quality software presentation with a lot of room for questions and real-world examples. This way, they can learn more.

We’ve also made sure that people can see sales data from anywhere at any time thanks to the built-in mobile feature.

A lot of other unique features, like personalised billing and simple data upload templates, allow it to be used by any kind of business, no matter what it is. Uniquely, MSMEs can use groups to choose items and make invoices with just one click, which makes the invoicing process a lot faster.

Our company will grow even more in the future. A new partner sales channel has just been set up to help us reach more people in Tier-II and Tier-III cities across India. Our goal hasn’t changed: to help small businesses focus on their core and decision-making rather than their back office.

We want to have a partner network of about 500 people and a customer base of one million small businesses by the end of 2022.