Thinking past the pandemic and adopting an online digital platform for SEN

Andy Chase and Terri Wyse from Woodfield School in Surrey give us a five-minute guide on what they have gained from receiving an online computerized stage and why its utilization will outlast the pandemic for Special Educational Needs (SEN) arrangement.

Receiving an online advanced stage has been a positive change for our school and assisted us with improving the manner in which we work, supporting understudies and tending to a portion of the issues around educator responsibility so we can work more efficiently.


Indeed, even before the COVID-19 episode left the world speechless, we had begun to investigate the utilization of web based learning stages as a portion of our most mind boggling students have essentially undeniable degrees of nervousness and a past filled with school refusal. While we at first simply needed to utilize Google G Suite for Education for a chosen handful understudies, the COVID-19 episode allowed us the chance to rapidly turn it out across the entire school. We applied for the computerized instruction stage by means of the DfE’s Get assist with innovation program and worked with IT provider Vitalize IT, who assisted us with getting set up.

Similarly, as with any unexpected and huge change, we confronted boundaries, particularly for the individuals who weren’t certain utilizing innovation. Staff endeavoured to adapt rapidly and most are currently alright with the applications. They’re training on the web exercises utilizing a blend of pre-recorded recordings, live Google Meets meetings and transferring a scope of work and exercises. Treatments and mediations are additionally ready to proceed distantly. Students can get to far off learning, conveyed by their typical class instructors and showing colleagues, while they are in and out of school, hence permitting us to oversee COVID related dangers while proceeding to give an expansive and adjusted educational plan.

Key takeaways as a SEN school

Instructing and learning in an expert setting ought to never have a one size fits all methodology and this is likewise the situation for SEN understudies getting to an internet learning stage. Beside the need of far off instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have likewise discovered that online stages can be utilized to profit various students who frequently favour this technique for conveyance as an elective method to lock in. For instance, we have various students with Autistic Spectrum Disorder who can discover traditional school learning hard to draw in with. For these understudies, utilizing web based learning can ease various social nerves and triggers, assisting them with bettering draw in and gain ground. Notwithstanding what occurs with the pandemic, it’s another and compelling route for us to help furnish those students with an elective strategy for conveyance to help meet their particular necessities.

At the core of our educational program is our drive to set up our students for adulthood and the universe of work. Home working is the type of behaviour that most people will accept as normal right now, with most of us presently interfacing with associates and different experts practically. The way that our students are figuring out how to certainly utilize this innovation will definitely profit them as they develop, proceed onward and acquire future business.

Sharing these learning encounters

Regardless of the boundaries our students regularly face, practically all have met people’s high expectations and are demonstrating they are more than equipped for utilizing innovation to help their learning. As a SEN school, we’ve defeated critical difficulties and need to offer our experience and aptitude around there to help prompt and backing associates in different schools, both SEN and standard. We are intending to turn into a Google reference school whenever we’ve been utilizing the stage for a year.

Any instructor will reveal to you that the most recent year has been distressing, the hardest time in the greater part of our vocations, however that a few things have been truly sure. The help from the DfE, both getting the online stage and furnishing the school with Chromebooks for our burdened students, has been amazingly advantageous.