Top 5 resources to sharp your technical skills

The innovation area moves quick and new stuff gets delivered continually. It tends to be difficult to keep up, particularly in case you’re more current to the business. To help you, I’ve assembled what I accept to be the main 5 tech assets in 2021.

Utilizing only these five assets, you will peruse the best specialized and non-specialized substance and is all you require to keep awake to-date with the innovation business.

These assets cover each tech zone, not just explicit fields like web improvement.

Right away, we should see the assets!

  1. Writing for a blog stages

I need to suggest writing for a blog stages instead of individual online journals. Why? On the off chance that I suggest just one blog, I’ll restrict you to that blog. On the far edge of the range, when I suggest a publishing content to a blog stage, I give you the opportunity to find websites dependent on your own advantages and objectives.

I additionally prefer to use these stages when there is a particular point I’m needing to delve more into and become familiar with it.

I suggest your emphasis on three contributing to a blog stages, specifically:




The justification picking these three stages is a direct result of the great nature of articles on these stages.

In any case, I should bring up that this is one of the additional tedious ideas and certainly more so than different assets in this post so in case you’re too in a rush and simply need another person curation the best posts and assets for you, I’d suggest that you focus on #2, #3, and #5 on this rundown. What’s more, when there is a particular subject you’re truly inspired by, return to these stages.


Hashnode is an extraordinary writing for a blog stage to peruse specialized substance. Notwithstanding freeCodeCamp and Hackernoon, I use Hashnode to get all the data I need.

There are a plenty of creators on Hashnode from all tech fields. Anything you desire to peruse, the odds are that there is an article about it.

What I appreciate the most with Hashnode is that I find new creators day by day. All in all, what’s acceptable about that? New creators mean new points of view and more data. On Hashnode, you can make a blog and distribute articles in no time. That implies you can discover heaps of creators and specialized substance.

Additionally, they have mediators for labels to guarantee the nature of the articles is high. Hence, it’s an incredible stage to devour specialized substance and learn new things!

Note: Before going further, I need to make reference to that they carried out another element that permits you to tune in to an article. That implies you can devour it like a web recording and hear it out all over. It is an excessively helpful element and efficient also!


One of my most loved writing for a blog stages is freeCodeCamp on account of their excellent articles. The writers on freeCodeCamp are trusty engineers since they need to apply to compose on the stage. That implies they go through a meeting like cycle.

Moreover, every article goes through their altering group. That implies that you can confide in the articles to be top notch. Subsequently, freeCodeCamp is a stage you can use with 100% certainty to peruse specialized substance.

Incidentally, on the off chance that you are keen on beginning your own engineer blog and don’t as of now have your own crowd, look at my post where I assist you with choosing the best writing for a blog stages to use in 2021.


HackerNoon is another writing for a blog stage which I use to devour specialized substance. Also to freeCodecamp, they have an altering group which checks each article before it’s distributed.

That implies you can be guaranteed the articles are precise, proficient, enlightening and top caliber. Else, they get dismissed by the altering group. Other than that, they have ~12,000 designers that compose tech stories and instructional exercises. They’ve unquestionably developed an enormous overabundance of value specialized and non-specialized substance.

Other eminent notices:

Dev To



  1. News aggregators

Having a ton of data accessible is both a gift and a revile. The advantage is that you generally have alternatives to browse. The revile is that you don’t have the foggiest idea what to pick. This can prompt the Paradox of decision. In any case, it doesn’t need to be that way. There are ways we can clergyman data and get just the substance that intrigues us.

This is the place where acts the hero. is a Chrome/Firefox augmentation which clergymen and furnishes you with the best programming news. How can it work? You introduce the augmentation and as opposed to having the clear new tab you likely have at this moment; you will have a screen with tech news from confided in sources.

The screen capture above shows a model from Chrome. Articles can likewise be upvoted and remarked on so you realize that all you’re seeing is the top articles.

  1. Email bulletins

Buying in to bulletins is a magnificent method to get heaps of important data to your email. The greater part of the bulletins ministers the best substance in tech and convey it to your inbox. That is, they accomplish practically everything for you. You simply need to open the assets and appreciate them!

Nonetheless, there are numerous bulletins and it very well may be trying to track down the correct ones

  1. Reddit

Reddit is a gold mine when utilized appropriately. You can discover such a lot of important substance on the stage. Other than the substance, individuals share heaps of helpful assets too.

Suppose you’re keen on the field of Data Science for instance. There are a huge load of wonderful subreddits you can join, for example,





… also, some more. These are only a small bunch of models, yet there are much more subreddits. The object isn’t to list all the accessible Data Science subreddits. The point is to show you how much specialized substance you can discover on Reddit, contingent upon what you’re searching for and are keen on.

Reddit is an extraordinary spot to discover specialized substance, whatever the field! A portion of the substance is composed straightforwardly on Reddit just as connections to different assets/content external the stage.

Probably the most amazing aspect that separates Reddit from different assets on this rundown (with the exception of perhaps online media also) is the vivacious and enthusiastic conversation that happens.

  1. Online media

Web-based media stages are incredible to keep awake to-date yet there can likewise be a great deal of commotion and lead to a ton of sat around so you do should be cautious and be specific about who you follow. All things considered, there is a perpetual number of records you can follow to get the most recent news from the tech world. Some web-based media accounts I think worth after are:

Programmer News





These are the records I prescribe when you need to discover new data or to gain some new useful knowledge. Obviously, the rundown isn’t comprehensive, and there are numerous other helpful records.