Top Cryptos in 2023: Bitcoin, Polygon, Big Eyes Coin, XRP, and Chainlink


As we move into 2023, the top cryptos that are competing for the top spot are in the spotlight. Bitcoin (BTC), Polygon (MATIC), Big Eyes Coin (BIG), XRP, and Chainlink (LINK) are the big names in the world of digital currencies, so get ready for an exciting roster. With their rising fame and new features, these popular cryptocurrencies have caught the attention of investors all over the world.

There’s more to these Cryptos than that. On June 15, get ready for the big debut of Big Eyes Coin, a cryptocurrency that claims to change the market. Excited? Curious? Read more!

Big Eyes Coin: Putting Memes and Usefulness Together

Big Eyes Coin is the biggest thing to happen in the world of meme coins. This digital currency is a perfect mix of fun and useful features, which is why crypto fans all over the world love it.

Generous Core: Bonuses and Charity

During its presale extravaganza, BIG set the crypto market on fire with mind-blowing offers that ranged from 300% to 5000%. Not only that, but during the presale trip, BIG’s amazing Kitty Cuddlers community has already given $16,000 to charities all over the world.

The exciting pre-sale part ended on June 3, and now people are getting more excited for BIG’s big launch on June 15, 2023. During this time, token users can trade and invest BIG through OKX, one of the best centralised exchange (CEX) platforms, and Uniswap and Poloniex, two of the best decentralised exchange (DEX) firms.

BIG Casino and Platform for Play-to-Win Games

After all of this, the Big Eyes Casino and the Play-to-Earn (P2E) Gaming Platform will be released, which will give gamers all over the world access to more than 4,000 exciting in-game adventures. This groundbreaking change will make BIG tokens seem more valuable because they will be harder to get, raise the token’s market capitalization, encourage more people to use cryptocurrencies, make them more sustainable, and strengthen their usefulness.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency

Bitcoin (BTC), the first Cryptos, doesn’t need to be explained. It changed the way money worked and made way for a whole bunch of other digital goods. Both buyers and fans are interested in Bitcoin because it is decentralised and hard to get.

Polygon Makes Scalability Possible

Polygon (MATIC) focuses on scaling issues in the blockchain industry. MATIC offers a framework for building and combining Ethereum-compatible blockchains. This makes it a good choice for decentralised apps because it will speed up transactions and lower fees.
Changes to International Payments with XRP

Ripple’s own currency, XRP, is meant to change the way foreign payments are made. Its technology offers an alternative to traditional ways of sending money abroad by making transactions quick and cheap. With partnerships with big financial companies like the Hong Kong CBDC, XRP has become this year’s big player in the world of cryptocurrencies.

Chainlink’s “Oracle of the Blockchain”

The “oracle of the blockchain,” Chainlink (LINK), is known for putting real-world information into smart contracts. It makes it possible for smart contracts to be carried out based on real-time information by bridging the gap between blockchain technology and off-chain data sources. This gives decentralised apps a lot of new options.

How likely are the top cryptocurrencies?

Without a doubt, each project has its own unique value offering that makes it a strong candidate for the top crypto award in 2023. Bitcoin is still the undisputed leader of the industry, but Polygon, XRP, and Chainlink have made a name for themselves by solving specific problems and coming up with new ways to solve them.

Big Eyes Coin stands out in this market because it combines the culture of joke coins with new and useful features. This mix is good for both people who like meme coins and people who want to make money while also having some fun. The team behind this meme project is bullish about its future now that BIG will be joining the fight on June 15.

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