8 Windows Data Recovery Software Trends in 2022

Data Recovery Software

We all know how upsetting it is to lose important data from a computer. Loss of data is no longer stressful, even if you haven’t backed them up. Yes, because the existing data management tools are constantly improved. Finding useful data management technologies, especially for data recovery, is critical for small and large businesses. Among other things, the Best data recovery software may help you recover lost digital evidence, recover accidentally erased enterprise data, and recover data from formatted systems. So choosing the finest data recovery service provider should be based on both popularity and service quality. But which data recovery programme is the most popular today? Read the most popular data recovery software reviews below.

How data recovery software works

Data recovery software restores lost files from any storage device. In addition, it can restore files mistakenly deleted or lost due to viruses or hard drive failures.

Deleted files are sent to the recycle bin. The file is still on your HDD even after it is deleted from the recycle bin. Yes, when we delete a file or folder, the file system removes the path and makes it less accessible. And the space given to that file is designated as free for other files to use as needed. But the binary file remains on your computer until it is replaced by another file. A good data recovery software can help you recover your lost file.

Top 8 Windows Data Recovery Software in 2022

Disk Drill

CleverFiles’ Disk Drill is by far the most popular data protection programme. It can even recover data from unreadable devices. There are several free and commercial data recovery applications for Windows available on the Internet. Most individuals now utilise Disk Drill to recover data. More Disk Drill reviews may be found here.

The software recovers deleted videos, music, images, and documents from internal and external hard discs, SD cards, and USB drives. The freemium data recovery programme can also recover lost data from digital cameras and smartphones like iPhones and Androids.


  • For Windows, Disk Drill can recover up to 500 MB of data.
  • Disk Drill software has added security features that help avoid data loss. There is a technology called Recovery Vault that can recover data. It remembers all deleted or lost data metadata. Guaranteed Recovery copies files to a chosen folder.
  • It supports FAT32, NTFS, APFS, exFAT, and ext2/ext3/ext4.
  • It scans automatically.
  • In addition, Disk Drill can scan raw devices.


Stellar is a popular data recovery software for SSDs, USB devices, and hard discs. What you can regain is limitless!


  • Can retrieve files from any storage device or Windows device.
  • Get data off an encrypted drive
  • Easy recovery via creating a hard disc image
  • Recovery of Data from a Crashed Windows
  • Free data recovery up to 1 GB


Piriform’s Recuva is a popular data recovery tool for hard drives, memory cards, iPods, and other devices. Recovery from formatted or damaged drives is possible.


  • Undelete Word Documents
  • With 40 languages and every Windows version,
  • It offers a deep scan mode that can find files accidentally deleted.
  • Recovers email

Find and Recover

This is one of the greatest data recovery programmes for PCs and other digital devices. It finds and restores lost data from hard discs, cameras, and flash devices.


  • One-click recovery
  • Unable to recover deleted emails or music?
  • Can search particular hard drive folders


AnyRecover for Windows is a data recovery programme that restores any file from the most frequently used storage devices. It can retrieve data that has been erased, lost, or inaccessible.


  • over 1000 file types
  • Unique scanning algorithms
  • Unlimited data retrieval in three steps

Tonorshare UltData: 

This is a popular iPhone data recovery programme. It can also extract iTunes backups and restore iCloud sync data.


  • File types supported: 35+
  • iOS, iCloud and iTunes backup data recovery
  • Android, iOS, and Web Backup and Restore
  • Compatible with iPhone 12 mini/Pro (Max) with iOS 14.6s


This is a popular data recovery software. Versatile, it can even recover files from a formatted disc.


  • Hard drive, USB flash drive, and memory card data can be recovered after they have been formatted.
  • Recovery of data from Apple, Windows, Unix, and Linux systems is possible with the more powerful version of this software.
  • Utilization of a memory card is made easier.

Data recovery from USB and memory cards

The advanced version can restore files from Apple, Windows, Unix, and Linux.

It aids in memory card data retrieval.

Active UNDELETE is one of the best and most popular hard disc recovery software. It runs on XP, Vista, 8, and 10.


  • Images, emails, and papers are all recovered.
  • Easy file recovery wizards in the latest version
  • File signature scans

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