The Government Is Wasting Money On Arts And This Money Could Be Better Spent Elsewhere


There is no doubt that art is important but it is debatable whether it should be sponsored by the government. Some people insist that the government is wasting money on arts. In their opinion, it is important to spend this money on more useful things. I agree with this view.

For one thing, arts promotions and events can be organized by many other private organizations or society clubs and you do not really need a government intervention to run the show.  There are many clubs such as Lion’s club or YMCC clubs that can take the initiative and sponsor such events.  For example, a music program or an exhibition of paintings can be organized by a local club and there is no need for the government to sponsor it. There are also many rich people who take pleasure in sponsoring art shows and programmes.

When the government does not have to spend money on arts it can focus on developing core areas like education, healthcare and infrastructure. Poverty, illiteracy and malnutrition are still a major problem in many countries around the world. For example, in India, millions of students still do not go to school. Likewise, there are numerous homeless people. Therefore, instead of spending the public funds on arts, the government should try to improve the health of its people. It should ensure that all children are going to school and they have access to good food and potable water.

In conclusion, while arts events and programmes are important for the society, they should not be sponsored by the tax money contributed by people. The government should focus on more important areas and use its money for the benefit and upliftment of the human society.