The gap between the rich and the poor is becoming wider


There is no doubt that the gap present clearly today between the poor and the rich is getting wider by time and is affecting our way of life.

That was only observed in the past in some communities where the wealth of a country was restricted to a few powerful and connected people. They used to own more than eighty percent of the resources and income, while the rest is barely enough for the common people. Nowadays, the difference is significant but not limited to the societies finest. The society is divided into groups, the rich, the poor and the few managing to enjoy some of the rich benefits but struggling to keep this level, they are bouncing between the limits of each of the other groups.

As a result of today’s situation, a broad band of the poor are striving to get a fair share of prosperity with no actual hope, the fabric of the society is getting weaker and therefore each group is more colonized to itself forming new habits and customs. Bridging this gap can only be done if equality was achieved in the basic needs like education and healthcare. If an acceptable ease was managed for the common people in their daily routines like public transportations and business facilities, that would also be helpful. There must be transparent laws to manage the use of the wealth and the equality of sharing it, and monitor any possible corruption. The sense of equal opportunity has to be delivered and believed by all people.

Briefly, no community can prosper and evolve safely unless the gaps are bridged between people at all aspects giving a fair chance to everyone to live in comfort if they worked reasonably hard to achieve it.