The Galaxy S23 Ultra Display Uses Less Energy. Compare to an iPhone

Galaxy S23 Ultra

Samsung just released a new line of smartphones called Galaxy S23. The top-of-the-line model has a lot of changes under the hood, like better software, a better camera, and a better user experience. A recent report said that the Galaxy S23 Ultra could make Samsung even better known for making some of the best smartphone screens on the market. The report says that the S23 Ultra’s screen will use less power than the latest iPhone.

Samsung is known as an expert in displays because it makes most of the AMOLED panels that are used in smartphones. The improvement in the phone’s battery life was great. It can compete with the iPhone 14 Pro/Max when it comes to screen-on-time. Software optimization was one of the things that helped the situation get better. the Galaxy S23 Ultra may have a long battery life because of the materials Samsung used to make the AMOLED screen.

There is “a discrepancy in the individual emitters,” the source claims, even if the blue pixels on the S23 Ultra display continue to appear to be composed of M11 materials rather than M12. So, it’s not as easy to say that the display on the S23 Ultra is an M11. All of this makes the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s screen even more energy-efficient than the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s screen, which is made of M12 materials.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra’s screen seems to have more green emissions than M12-based panels. It also seems to use red light emitters that are brand new. Even though it uses M11-based blue light emitters, it uses less power than the iPhone 14 Pro Max display while keeping the same level of brightness. Check out the graph below to see how the Galaxy S23 Ultra, Galaxy S22+, and iPhone 14 Pro Max compare.


Taking all of these things into account, Samsung has done a great job. Even though the Galaxy S23 Ultra didn’t have any major hardware updates, the small updates and improved software were enough to give the user an experience that was a step above. So, that’s all we had to say about the battery life of the Galaxy S23 Ultra and how it works with the screen.

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