Is a Stationary Bike an Effective Form of Exercise? Five Reasons to Consider Indoor Cycling

Indoor Cycling

Need to get a quick workout in, or maybe it’s too cold outside to bike. You can do this at home. Indoor cycling, which is done on stationary bikes, is one of the best cardio workouts to add to your training because it is low-impact and doesn’t hurt your joints.

People who love to ride bikes can train at home with stationary bikes, says Jeyco Estaba, Regional Fitness Manager for México Blue Diamonds Resorts. They don’t need to leave the house. People can train for longer, get a quick cardio workout, and be less likely to get hurt outside than they would be if they did it inside.

Cycling lessons have changed a lot over time. They’re now more than just one-on-one sessions. We can now find classes that are unique to each rider, as well as different coaching techniques, routes, and routines. Because of Peloton, SoulCycle, and other companies, you can take classes at home now. You can get a monthly subscription from them, too. If all of this doesn’t convince you, maybe these health benefits will do the trick for you, too.

Great for your heart

Indoor cycling can be good for both your mental and physical health. Erin Jalkanen, a Certified Personal Trainer at Ascend Fitness and Spa, agrees Because this helps lower your blood pressure, it also helps you get a better night’s sleep and lessen your stress.

Cycling can help you lose weight

The low impact of the movements makes indoor cycling a good way to lose weight, burn calories, and avoid getting hurt. One of the great things about riding a bike is that it’s easy to do interval workouts.”By alternating brief bursts of intensive exercise with shorter bouts of less intense exercise, interval training allows you to burn more calories.” This type of training can assist you in increasing your cardiac endurance and strength and burning more calories in a short amount of time, which can help you get fit faster. It is very easy to change the resistance on bikes, which makes them great for intervals.

Ideal for people who want a low-impact exercise

In high-impact aerobic activities like running or jogging, you can put a lot of stress on your joints like your ankle joints. This can cause them to hurt. When you ride a bike, your body doesn’t feel as much pressure as when you do other types of exercise, like running or swimming. With less stress on your joints, the bike is a lot more gentle. Even though the bike is less rough, it’s still important to keep good form while riding. This means that your knees should bend a little bit on the downstroke of the bike. If it’s bent or straight, you’ll need to change the seat height.”

It doesn’t depend on the weather

Riding outside can be dangerous, but indoor cycling makes it easier to avoid those risks. Estaba says that by staying in one place where there are no outside factors like uneven and unpaved roads, and traffic (pedestrian and vehicle), we have a better chance to keep our posture and footing in the right place. People who have injuries or other health problems can also use our stationary bikes because they don’t put a lot of stress on their joints. After all, it’s not a very hard exercise.

You can find a wide variety of stationary bikes to pick from.

There are trainers for racing bikes that you can buy if you want to ride your favorite outdoor bike inside. A bike trainer lets you hook your bike into it to keep it from moving around inside. “There are a lot of apps and spin bikes out there that let you join a group of people,” says Jalkanen. A screen on Peloton and Nordic Trac spin bikes allows you to ride with others in a class or create your virtual ride.

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