Some people say that young people should be encouraged to leave their home when they become adults. Other say that it is better if they remain with the family as long as possible. Discuss both the view and give your option.


We can see from the past that if all family members lives together then the bonding of the family becomes strong. Some people believed that when youngsters become adults, they should separate from their home. While, others think that they should live tougher with the family. In my opinion, I agree with the later view. I will discuss my view points in the following paragraphs.

The first and predominant reason in my opinion, behind young people ought to live with the family is nothing but the warmth, love and care they received from the family is undeniable truth of life. In other words they are guided and explained by the parents and grandparents when they have in critical situations regarding taking decisions of life. To exemplify this point we can consider the situation of youngsters that after school, what stream of studying they should choose for better future? With the help of parents and from their experience of life they can easily guide the children.

Furthermore, parents also get the support of their children at the later age of life. This means that both parents and children could help each other in difficult part of the life. What is more, living together also reduces the cost of living. For example, the cost of rent, electricity bill and other cost can be saved. Which help them to save more money and invest it in other business.

On the other hand, no one can deny the merits of young people who leaves their home when they become adults. Youngsters become more mature and independent to take their life decisions, which means that they are free to live their own life with their own rules and principles for living. For instance, in many western countries such as USA and Canada, most young people separated after their graduation from their parents and earn own money for living.

In conclusion, I believe that though there are benefits of living separately from parents, the arguments of living with family beats more.