Some people do not mind to spend their leisure time with their colleagues while some people prefer to keep their private life separate from their work life.Discuss both views and give your opinion.


Although it is sometimes thought that personal and professional life during leisure time should be maintained separate, other people think it could be helpful in their career. In my opinion, I believe we should not mix both because it could bring serious issues.

On the one hand, there are multiple common issues experienced when professional stuff enters into the private matters. Firstly, there is increase in number of sexual harassment cases getting reported where colleagues have spent leisure time together and post separation it has caused issues as work place. For example, “Me too” movement where lot of people were blamed for exploitation after so many years. Secondly, when people working in same office go for leisure time, they mostly do work related conversation and not enjoy much as compared to private time spent with family or friends. Furthermore, another serious issue could be that important office secrets are shared in personal meetings under the influence of alcohol.

On the other hand, some people are able to strike the balance between professional and personal life really well. These people take lot of benefits because of this unique ability. Admittedly, we have seen cases where supervisor and team members are well connected in their personal life and are supported by the supervisor for growth. In addition, if personal matters are shared at work place then it gives opportunity to understand each other better, and helps in reducing stress. Also, when people build strong bonding and enjoy leisure time together then it reduces conflict at work place.

To conclude, we must maintain distance between personal and professional and personal life. We should not cross the thin line as it could bring lot of serious consequences as compared to the small benefits it might give.