10 Social Impact Startups To Keep An Eye Out For In The Years To Come

Social Impact

That which has an effect on society in a major and good way is called a “social impact.” It refers to activities and behaviors that have a specific objective of improving the well-being of individuals, communities, and the world as a whole.

There has always been a perception that social influence, social change, and initiatives to promote the well-being of society were the domain of governments or non-profit organizations.

Europe’s startup community has also picked up the reins in recent years, to improve the lives of everyone in the world as inll as make our societies and communities more sustainable.

Technology is altering the game in social impact movements in a variety of ways, from the pandemic emphasizing how much we rely on our communities to the heightened knowledge of our duty in caring for our planet, to the impatience with government (in)action. It’s a widespread phenomenon.

There has been an increase in businesses that emphasize social impact as the cornerstone of business approaches and aims in the fintech, medical tech, educational technology, e-commerce, environmental technology, and social media sectors, to name just a few.

Following the top 10 social impact startups


Startups that are making a positive impact on society were the focus of this article. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to discover some of the best new businesses in the globe, then this list of only ten is for you.

An exclusive network that connects people with prestigious talent and powerful leaders has been launched by Blisser, a startup based in Stockholm, Sweden. During the height of the pandemic, Sara Fernstrom founded Blisser to make a difference in the world. The outcome is a philanthropic platform that incorporates the arts and entertainment. It’s a way for fans to support their favorite celebrities while also knowing that a portion of the proceeds will go to a charity of the artist’s choice. At least 10% of every video message purchase is donated to a charity, bringing attention to global social concerns and charities through entertaining and inspiring personal messages. The company received €860k in funding in October 2021 to aid in its global expansion.


When it comes to laundry, Gothenburg-based Mimbly designs and develops new products targeted at changing unsustainable habits, mainly in the area of washing. With this understanding, Mimbly strives to create solutions that are easy and enjoyable to use as well as represent sustainability as a simple thing that can be incorporated into everyday life. There is an alarming quantity of microplastic pollution entering our oceans through washing clothes. There is a Mimbox that connects to washing machines and filters microplastics while conserving water and energy.


Impact investment app CIRCA5000, often known as CIRCA5K, allows consumers to invest in the causes they care about. Founded by Tom McGillycuddy and Matt Latham in London, the firm aims to revolutionize investing by showing the next generation that they may accumulate money while also making a positive impact on the earth and people’s futures. The startup, which was founded in 2021, crushed its CrowdCube financing campaign, raising €4.5 million.


Mirthy is a community and activities platform for those aged 60 and up that was launched in 2019. The young startup’s goal is to make life more enjoyable for the “young old.” People over the age of 60 can host or participate in events and socialize both online and off using this platform. While many elderly people have been increasingly isolated during this pandemic, modern technologies have demonstrated their worth in bringing people together and protecting mental health, happiness, and well-being. As of August of 2021, the company had received a €945k boost and had more than 30,000 active users.

Change Donations

Our mission at Change Donations is to link regular philanthropists with the organizations they care about, all across the world. We started in Dublin, Ireland, in 2018. New contributors can give on their terms, and the social impact fintech startup offers them with information about the causes they support. For this reason, they work hand-in-hand with charities to assist them in better understanding how donations function and to help them maximize the impact they have on their purpose. Change Donations, which was founded by William Conaghan and Lizzy Hayashida while they were students at Trinity College Dublin, is making ripples in the charitable industry.


Startup HackYourCloset, situated in Stockholm, Sweden, is developing a solution to disrupt the clothes market on a large scale. Big changes in retailing have taken place over the past year as a result of the epidemic and the shift to circular thinking. When it comes to clothing, renting rather than purchasing new apparel can minimize carbon monoxide emissions by up to 97 percent, according to the female-founded Hackyourcloset. There has been steady growth for the new company and they plan to expand across Europe.

ReBo Smart Bottle

Founded in Geneva in 2019, the ReBo Smart Bottle claims to be the first bottle that cleans itself while you drink. Biometric data, tracking plastic savings, and funding waste collection in plastic (bottle) are all tracked by a B2C IoS/Android app that analyses water consumption and delivers a customized hydration strategy. As of 2021, Aptar Food and Beverage teamed with the eco-conscious company to increase product development and its potential to deliver long-term solutions to the plastic crisis.


Using powerful machine learning, computer vision, and automation, Recycleye is revolutionizing waste sorting on a worldwide scale. They were named one of Forbes Europe’s 30 Under 30 for Social Impact and launched Recycleye Robotics with Europe’s biggest waste management companies in London in 2019. The young company was given €4.2 million to turn waste into resources.

Sana Labs

As an edtech firm, Sana Labs is dedicated to democratizing workplace learning by building an educational platform that is both individualized and engaging. The startup’s all-in-one platform enables organizations to build, deliver, and optimize courses that can adapt to every individual’s unique learning style — making workplace education more accessible and pleasant, and employees feeling more content and fulfilled in their employment. Using AI. As a result of Sana’s founding in 2016, the company has partnered with some of the world’s fastest-growing businesses and most powerful organizations.


As of 2021, ABC Doc is a Berlin-based service that helps consumers comprehend and respond to bureaucratic communication via an internet service. There is a new app that helps users rapidly examine a letter’s content, if they need to respond, despite or payor, if they need legal assistance. An important issue for Germany’s growing immigrant population in the country’s pervasive bureaucratic inequity. ABC Doc won €500k in December 2021 to continue developing the app and broadening its audience.

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