Samsung One UI 5 Watch is Coming Out


Users of the Galaxy Watch, good news! Samsung just announced the first details of the One UI 5 Watch update, which will come later this year to some Galaxy Watches like the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5, which both run Wear OS 3 right now.

One UI 5 Watch will probably come out at the same time as Wear OS 4. Samsung says that when making upgrades and adding new features, it focused on improving three main parts of the user experience. These three big areas are better sleep, better exercise tools, and better safety features.

Getting Galaxy Watch users a better night’s Sleep

Samsung thinks that the One UI 5 Watch update will make it even easier for people who have a Galaxy Watch to get a good night’s sleep. And to do this, it focused most of its attention on three key things:

The new Sleep Insights user interface shows the user’s sleep score and a better summary of the previous night’s sleep, including data on snoring hours, blood oxygen levels, and sleep phases.

Sleep coaching helps people build good habits. With One UI 5 Watch, Galaxy smartwatch users will be able to receive sleep coaching right from their wrists without having to use their connected phones.

Setting up a sleep-friendly setting by making it easier for Galaxy Watches and other devices that work with SmartThings to talk to each other. This will let more smart home gadgets respond to the sleep mode settings of the user.

Better exercise skills and more training

The second big change that One UI 5 Watch brings to Wear OS smartwatches has to do with health. Samsung wants to make Galaxy Watches better exercise partners by adding a new feature called “Personal Heart Rate Zone.” This feature will give runners tools like real-time running analysis and a customized interval training programme that are made just for them.

The Heart Rate Zone can look at a person’s physical skills and set five levels of workout intensity that are best for that person. This lets the user set goals based on what they can do. Warm-up, fat burn, cardio, hard training, and max are the five stages of intensity.

Also, the One UI 5 Watch adds running and walking exercises to the Route Workout, making it more useful. And people with a Watch 5 Pro will be able to use the Samsung Health app to view GPX files.

One UI 5 Watch makes it safer for users

Last but not least, the next One UI 5 Watch update will try to make users feel safer and give them more peace of mind.

One of the new features is an updated SOS system that lets the user talk directly to an emergency phone number and sends information about where they are and their health. And to make Galaxy Watches safer, One UI 5 Watch will turn on fall detection by default for people 55 and older.

People with a Galaxy Watch 4 or 5 will be able to test the UI 5 Watch

Users of the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 will be able to test One UI 5 Watch in beta through the Samsung Members app. This is similar to how the company tests new versions of Android in beta. But Samsung hasn’t said where the test programme will be yet, so if you want to try out the One UI 5 Watch before it comes out for real in the second half of 2023.

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