Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Series Leaks Suggest A Watch 6 Pro Or Watch6 Classic

Watch 6

A couple of batteries, presumably from the 40mm and 44mm editions of the Watch 6, surfaced on Safety Korea at the beginning of the year, revealing small gains in capacity when compared to last year’s models. There have been rumblings that Samsung may revive the Galaxy Watch6 Classic and bring back the rotating bezel to its smartwatch lineup this year.

While there is currently no hard evidence to support this rumor, the folks over at Galaxy Club, who are typically dependable with leaks, seem confident that Samsung will bring back the Classic model to this year’s range after having abandoned it in favor of the Watch5 Pro last year. For starters, “Wise” and “Fresh” were the codenames for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic, respectively. As suggested by the codenames “Wise6” and “Fresh6,” the Watch6 series appears to have been inspired by the Galaxy Watch4 family of watches. The “Heart-S” codename was used for 2017’s Watch5 products. The “Heart-L” and “Heart-Pro” acronyms

Also, there’s the issue of power sources. In addition to the leaks of the “SM-R93x” and “SM-R94x” watch batteries, the capacity of the “SM-R95x” watch battery has also been revealed. It is likely that the first two batteries, with capacities of 300 mAh and 425 mAh, were intended for the 40mm and 44mm Watch6 variants. As the “SM-R95x” also has a battery with a 300 mAh rating, it cannot be the Watch6 Pro. As an example, the Watch5 Pro had a battery that was 590 mAh larger.

After considering the foregoing, it’s conceivable that the new “SM-R935x” watch is actually the 40mm Galaxy Watch6 Classic with a 300 mAh battery. Nevertheless, a new report out of Korea suggests that Samsung will introduce not one but two variants of the Galaxy Watch 6 Pro. Samsung only offered one 45mm Watch5 Pro with a 590 mAh battery, but it looks like they might expand their offerings to include a smaller Watch6 Pro this time around. This “SM-R95x” could refer to the smaller Watch6 Pro.

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