Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro leaks: What we know so far

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The Galaxy Unpacked event is coming up soon, on August 10. At this event, the next generation of foldable phones and the new Galaxy Watch 5 series are expected to be shown off. And it looks like Samsung will finally stop confusing people with confusing names like “Classic” and “Active.” The new devices will be called “Galaxy Watch 5” and As in, “Keep an eye on Channel 5 Professional.” In this article, we will investigate the rumours surrounding Samsung’s next wristwatch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 models and when they will come out

Last month, Samsung said that the Galaxy Unpacked event for this year will be on August 10. Jon Prosser, a well-known tipster who correctly predicted the release dates of the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 3 series, said that the Watch 5 will be announced and made available for pre-order at the same time as the new foldable devices. There is a set release date of August 26. 

The source also says that the Watch 5 will come in three different versions. The regular Galaxy Watch 5 will come in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm, but the Pro version will only have a 46mm strap size.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Design

The Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 5 Pro would look like from every angle. A few days ago, he posted some more pictures showing what the new smartwatches would look like in different colours. Evan Blass said that the non-Pro model will come in Phantom Black, Silver, Pink Gold (40mm), and Sapphire (44mm), but the Watch 5 Pro will only come in Phantom Black and Silver.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Battery Life

Samsung Mobile says that the Galaxy Watch 5 40mm version will have a slightly larger battery with a capacity of 276 mAh, while the Watch 44mm version is said to have a 397 mAh battery. There is no news about how long the battery will last.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Improved sensors 

Samsung says that the Galaxy Watch 5 series will have a better version of their BioActive Sensor, which will make it easier for users to keep track of their overall health. In a press release, Samsung said that they will soon be releasing a sleep coaching programme and several tools to track how well you sleep. Physical health metrics is another area where the company is putting a lot of attention. The BioActive Sensor will send a microcurrent to check on things like skeletal muscle gain, body fat loss, body water levels, and maintaining weight.

WearOS version 3.5

Evan Blass showed us what One UI Watch 4.5 will look like when it runs on WearOS 3.5. Screenshots show that the operating system will also get a QWERTY keyboard layout. There will also be a lot of new watch faces. The ability to use two SIM cards is another feature that stands out. It is very helpful if you are one of those people who use different SIM cards for calls and texts.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Price

Since the Galaxy Watch 4 series starts at $249, many people think that the next smartwatches will be more expensive because inflation is going up. Roland Quandt, a journalist for WinFuture, got a tip that the base model of the Watch 5 will cost around $315, while the base model of the Watch 5 Pro will start at $514.

Samsung Galaxy Watch5 will be able to charge more quickly

The new leak says that the Samsung Galaxy Watch5 will charge much faster than its predecessor. A tip from SnoopyTech says that the wearable will come with a 10W magnetic charger, which means that it will charge twice as fast as the Watch4.

But we expect the Watch5 to have a bigger battery, which, along with the limitations of the charging curve, makes it hard to say how much the charging time will improve.

As expected, the pictures show that the charger cable is a USB-C cable. Even though 10W is a lot of power for a smartwatch, it is low compared to other devices, so almost any PD charger should be able to provide enough power.

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