Samsung Galaxy S23 Camera Update Improves Autofocus, Image Processing, And More.

Galaxy S23

The camera performance of the Galaxy S23 series is quite outstanding, but Samsung needed to address a few small bugs before the series could be released. A number of sources suggested that Samsung might issue an update to enhance the capabilities of the cameras found in its most recent high-end smartphones. Samsung has today confirmed that it has updated the cameras on the Galaxy S23, Galaxy S23+, and Galaxy S23 Ultra phones in a big way. All three versions can get the update now.

An executive from Samsung disclosed in a post on the Samsung Community site exactly which aspects of the camera on the Galaxy S23 have been upgraded. These enhancements are now available in South Korea as part of the second software update that was sent out in March 2023 for the Galaxy S23 series of smartphones. It has a massive download size of approximately 922.88MB and comes with the firmware version S91xNKSU1AWC8 as standard.

The Galaxy S23 camera update boosts speed and image quality in a variety of scenarios

The company has implemented improvements to the speed and accuracy of the focusing, in addition to improving the speed of the Camera app and the Gallery app. The clarity of the ultrawide camera has also been increased by the firm, particularly in low-light conditions. Also, the company has improved OIS performance and addressed banding concerns. Moreover, it fixed the issue where certain camera modes produced blurry images.

  1. The Gallery app has received an update that gives users the ability to remove photographs that have recently been taken and are in the process of being processed.
  2. Because of a modification made to the focusing algorithm, when you click the shutter button, the camera will snap a picture even if the frame is not completely set or if it is not in focus. You can alter this behavior in the Production Assistant app (Camera Assistant » Prefer Focus Over Speed ON) if you only want to snap photos when the entire frame is sharp. This tells the camera app to wait until the entire frame is in focus before snapping a shot.
  3. Taking videos in low-light conditions with the ultrawide camera and using the Super Steady mode now results in images that are sharper and have less flutter than before. A notification that states that the Super Steady mode requires adequate ambient light in order to produce higher-quality images is also displayed by the camera app.
  4. Resolved a bug that would occasionally show a green line on the left side of the screen when using the camera on the back of the device while in picture mode.
  5. During recording with the rear-facing camera, the video stabilization is improved when the resolution is set to Full HD at 60 frames per second and the Auto FPS setting is deactivated.
  6. Fixed an issue where horizontal bands would show in the sky when the ambient light was between medium and low and when using a high resolution (50 MP or 200 MP). Both the 50MP and the 200MP versions now have a noticeably sharper overall appearance. Moreover, Samsung has addressed the problem of sporadic blurring by improving the overall performance of the OIS.
  7. The problem with the image quality occurred while turning off the Night mode and setting the Camera Assistant app to the following settings: Shooting speed, high resolution, and speed priority are other ones that Samsung has fixed.
  8. The problem with the camera in which face recognition stopped functioning after a video chat ended when using a third-party application has also been fixed.
  9. The stability of the camera app has also been improved by Samsung, especially when there are moving subjects in the frame.

All of these enhancements and bug fixes for the camera will soon be made available in other regions. As we are already getting close to the end of March, it is possible that they may be introduced as part of the update that will take place in April 2023. We will add further information about this update to our website and make it available to markets outside of Korea as soon as we can.

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