Run Laravel project locally

Windows clients:

Download wamp:

Download and concentrate cmder mini:

Update windows climate variable way to highlight your php introduce envelope (inside wamp establishment dir) set-php-climate variable-to-run-orders in-git-slam

cmder will be refered as reassure

Macintosh Os, Ubuntu and windows clients proceed here:

  • Make a data set locally named homestead utf8_general_ci
  • Download composer
  • Pull Laravel/php project from git supplier.
  • Rename .env.example file to .envinside your undertaking root and fill the data set data. (windows wont let you do it, so you need to open your support disc your venture root index and run mv .env.example .env )
  • Open the support and album your task root index
  • Run composer install or php composer.phar introduce
  • Run php craftsman key:generate
  • Run php craftsman move
  • Run php craftsman db:seed to run seeders, assuming any.
  • Run php craftsman serve

You would now be able to get to your task at localhost:8000 🙂

In the event that for reasons unknown your task quit working do these:

arranger introduce

php craftsman move