People sleep less than before in many countries. why people sleep less? what effect does it have individually and in society?


It is an irrefutable fact that the amount of rest plays a vital role in everyone’s sphere. Sleep will not only help to concentrate more on work but also rejuvenate body. Compared to past, in most of the countries it has been observed that the people are sleeping very less. This phenomenon has some reasons and some effects. This essay will discuss both of them.

One of the most causative factors for this circumstance is, to earn money. Many people are actually after the concept of “Time is Money” and earning most of them in extra paid jobs. As they can fulfill their need with this benefits of the over time jobs, people are taking the time from sleep and replacing with work. Another point worth considering is, for the people who are under poverty line, this is the only way to get paid well. It has been said that Most of the loco pilot drivers of Indian railways are getting more than 100% the salary as an overtime benefits. These are the ultra prominent reasons, that people are sleeping less than past in many parts of world.

When it comes to effects, this happening has some drastic consequences. Sleepless nights will not only make people feeble but also less healthy. We all know that, a person need at least 7-8 hours of sleep to be healthy and if you are working in a field where you have a lot of stress this time will vary. Moreover, this scenario will affect the metabolism of the body. Sleeping less will have some negative impact in personal life also. As the individual will be frustrated with less sleep, he or she will be less interactive with other people, they want to be alienated from others. Furthermore, they will be socially inactive in the community.

All things consider, sleeping less is one of the consequences of doing more work to have more money. Although, people will financially benefit, they will lose health which is imperative, this circumstance will have a negative impact on society.