Aahana Resort takes you on a tour of Jim Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park

In November, I went to Ramnagar’s Aahana Resort. That was when Delhi/pollution NCR’s levels were at an all-time high! I was relieved to be out of the capital! Ramnagar is a small town that serves as a gateway to the Jim Corbett National Park. The air was already a thousand times better than Gurgaon, and Aahana is surrounded by lush greenery! My lungs must have let out a sigh of relief!

I was hungry after a long drive and looking forward to lunch! I quickly changed and went outside in search of the dining hall! It came to me instinctively!

Jim Corbett National Park

Aahana serves delicious food, much of which is grown on the premises! I can’t recall the last time I ate such delectable’saag.’ The dessert counter, on the other hand, was my absolute favourite. The glass bottles in the dining room stood out against the plastic bottles in my room. That perplexed me a little. When I inquired, I discovered that the guests were opposed to the use of glass bottles in the room!

I enjoyed lying in the sun around the pool, but the water was too cold for me in November!

I had time to sir across the open spaces and admire the blue sky because the trip to Jim Corbett National Park was short and my itinerary was not too jam-packed!

My room was surrounded by lush greenery, which I adored. My room was cosy, and I could see a million stars from the balcony at night! It was also enjoyable to take a stroll around the resort and appreciate the beautiful trees that have been planted throughout. I saw leechi, chandan, and tejpatta, among other things!

I also got a sense of the resort’s attempts to be environmentally friendly. They make their own compost, treat their waste water, and supplement their energy needs with bio gas!

We went on an evening safari in the Jhirna Region, which is known for its stunning scenery. We saw wild boars, spotted deer, jungle fowls, and other typical suspects. Then we came across a herd of elephants! On that safari, however, the tiger eluded us. And while we’re on the subject of tigers, check out this article I wrote on how to manage your expectations on a tiger safari in India!

Looking up at the blue sky and taking a deep breath of fresh air, I couldn’t help but wonder why we chose to live in such a polluted environment. But, hey, that’s life!