iPhone 14: The Most Significant Design Changes

iPhone 14

The rumored iPhone 14 is expected to be released this fall, and Apple fans have a lot of questions. What is the price of the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro? What new features are on the way? And what exactly will the new iPhone look like? For the time being, only Apple has the answers, but the ever-churning rumor mill has provided some hints, including the possible design of the iPhone 14.

Display of the iPhone 14

One of the most persistent rumors about the iPhone 14 is about what it will not have. After putting it on the iPhone X for the first time in 2017, Apple may finally get rid of the notch this year. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the company will swap it out for a smaller hole-punch camera in the Pro models. A hole-punch display has only a small circular cutout for the front camera, as seen on several Samsung launches.

Instead of a hole-punch design, display analyst Ross Young believes the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will have a hole and pill-shaped cutout for the front-facing camera and Face ID. According to a January report from MacRumors, the pill-shaped cutout would house the front and Face ID camera, while the hole-punch is thought to house the Face ID dot projector.

The notch currently houses the components that enable Face ID, Apple may need to shrink all of that technology to make a notch-less iPhone a reality. Mark Gurman of Bloomberg also said that the notch would be removed in his Power On newsletter in September of last year. He said that the iPhone 14 would get a “complete redesign.”

iPhone 14 camera design

Another design element rumored to be on Apple’s wish list is the chunky camera bump. The iPhone 13 series has a protruding camera bump that houses two or three lenses depending on the model. According to Prosser, who has a mixed track record of accuracy, the iPhone of the future will be devoid of the bump entirely, which could imply a thicker chassis for camera components. Prosser says that the iPhone 14 will have a “thick boy” body. But is it thick enough to house all of that camera hardware without the bulky camera setup on the back? I’m not going to put too much stock in this story.

iPhone 14 is stronger and lighter

Prosser also stated that the iPhone 14 Pro may receive a titanium alloy body for the first time, replacing the stainless-steel one. JP Morgan Chase’s China office first mentioned this rumor in a 2021 report. Previously, titanium alloy was used in select Apple Watch models, including the Series 7. Titanium alloy has the toughness of steel while weighing less than stainless steel. Titanium is also more scratch, corrosion, and bending resistant.

Size of iPhone 14: The same, but with different bezel sizes for Pro models

In Apple’s last two iPhone lines, the base model was the same 6.1-inch size, and the Pro Max was 6.7 inches. Apple will keep these sizes for the iPhone 14 series but will get rid of the 5.4-inch Mini. According to reports, the iPhone 12 Mini sold poorly, so it’s not surprising that Apple will discontinue the small phone in 2022.

Although the next iPhone is expected to be the same size as previous generations, the display bezels for the Pro Max are rumored to be 20% smaller. This means the screen will be a little bit bigger.

Will the iPhone 14 be foldable?

Most likely not. To be clear, we can’t say for certain whether a foldable iPhone will ever be released, but I’m hopeful that it will happen within the next few years. Apple has a prototype of a foldable iPhone screen, but there is no word on when it will be released. Other outlets, including Taiwan’s Economic Daily, have set 2022 as the year the foldable iPhone will be released, while others have suggested 2023. However, display analyst Ross Young believes the foldable iPhone will be delayed until 2025.

Remember that the iPhone 13 was a minor upgrade over the iPhone 12. That means it could be laying the groundwork for a major design overhaul when the iPhone 14 or 15 arrives, just as Apple did with the iPhone X.

The first edition was published on November 15, 2021, at 4:00 a.m. PT.

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