iPhone 14 Pro Models Could have Fast-Charging

iPhone 14 Pro

The launch of the iPhone 14 series is getting close. Online reports say that some of the iPhone 14 models could support fast charging. The iPhone 14 Pro models could be able to charge quickly with 30W. This would be the first iPhone model that could be charged quickly with 30W. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max may be the only ones that can be charged quickly. This would be a big change from the 20W fast charging that the models before this one could do.

The new iPhone Pro models will support 30W fast charging for the first part of the charge cycle and then drop to 27W or 25W. Fast charging is a feature that is only available on Android phones today. Apple has made it so that its iPhones can only charge slowly for some reason.

Apple has avoided putting a USB Type-C port on its iPhones. This means that the iPhones don’t have super-fast charging yet. A 30W fast charging option would make a big difference for iPhone users who still have to wait a long time for their phones to go from 0% to 100%.

With the iPhone 14 series, Apple is also said to be adding support for connecting via satellite. Apple is going to add support for satellite connectivity to the iPhone 14 series models.

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