How To Watch YouTube Videos On Apple Watch Using The New WatchTube App? Know All About It


Apple Watch lets you do a lot of things without your iPhone, like listen to music, read and send messages, and even answer calls. But if you want to do something like watch a video, you probably need your phone. Well, not anymore. You can use WatchTube to watch YouTube videos right on your Apple Watch.

As the name suggests, the new app WatchTube lets you watch almost any YouTube video on your Apple Watch. The best part is that it works as it should.

The app doesn’t need your iPhone to be set up or have any complicated settings. You can get WatchTube from the watchOS App Store and use it right away. Once the app is on your watch, all you have to do is open it to start watching YouTube videos.

For a platform as complicated as YouTube, the interface is pretty good. In the app, there are four different parts: Home, Search, Library, and Settings. Home shows videos that are popular on YouTube, just like the official YouTube app. If you’d rather, you can use the app to choose a certain type of video to show on Home.

With the Apple Watch Series 7 keyboard, the built-in search works very well. You can, of course, also search for a video in the app by speaking or drawing. The search on WatchTube shows the best videos and channels, just like the search on real YouTube.

Users can even subscribe to channels and save videos to the Library tab so they can find them later. Unfortunately, the WatchTube library is completely local, so you can’t link it to your YouTube account. The app gives you a QR Code, which lets you share a video and watch it on another device, like your iPhone or iPad.

WatchTube Feature

  1. WatchTube is made up of (via Reddit)
  2. Seeing movies
  3. Looking for videos
  4. Caching metadata to speed things up
  5. View details like likes, descriptions, and views
  6. Home Feed
  7. Curation and made-to-order suggestions
  8. Look at the past.
  9. Signing up for videos and liking them
  10. Everything can be done on your watch without your phone.
  11. Easy to use
  12. HQ audio in the audio-only mode (coming soon)

How to use an Apple Watch to watch YouTube videos

Users can type on the Apple Watch’s keyboard or use voice-to-text technology to look for videos.

On WatchTube, users will also be able to subscribe to channels and save videos. Then there are things like a QR code scanner that lets you watch the same video on other devices, like an iPad or iPhone, and a video caption that lets you change the size of the font. Users can either use the speakers on the Apple Watch or connect AirPods to hear the sound. To sum up, the app gives the Apple Watch a new way to be used. Users might not use it much, though, because they probably have bigger and better ways to watch videos.

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