How did the MAFIA of the Internet kill Mozilla?


Mozilla is one of those rare companies that can offer world-class tech products without invading its users’ privacy. If you’re a 90s kid, you’ll remember that Mozilla was our go-to internet browser because internet explorer felt like this, but as we all saw, suddenly we all stopped using Mozilla firefox, and out of nowhere Google Chrome became the most dominant player in the browser industry. This video is brought to you by coin switch but more on that at the end of the video this is a story that dates back to the early 1990s during this time millions of American households began to have personal computers for the first time until now the personal computer market was dominated by two players IBM in pcs and Microsoft in the operating system and both of these companies had almost established a monopoly in the personal computer space and the operating system

and Netscape became such a huge hit that they ended up capturing 80 markets in the browser market, and the way they made money was through a subscription that cost 49 dollars, and people loved it so much that their products began selling like hotcakes.

Netscape went public, had a stellar IPO, and within no time had a market cap of 2.2 billion dollars. At this point, Bill Gates realized that, while they had a monopoly in the operating system space, browsers would become more important than the operating system itself, and he already saw Netscape becoming more important than Microsoft, so guess what Microsoft came up with its web browser called Internet Explorer to kill Netscape and l

The justice department has charged Microsoft with engaging in anti-competitive and exclusionary practices designed to maintain its monopoly until Microsoft kind of came in and punched us in the face we were the fastest growing company in history now with Microsoft’s future hanging in the balance the man who had declared Microsoft’s monopoly would be cut out of the business from the very first time the computer was turned on

Similarly, Apple has a monopoly in iOS, and the app store is their platform where developers build products and services for the app store, so when they saw the rise of Spotify, they immediately transformed iTunes into Apple Music and placed Apple Music as a direct competitor to Spotify; they saw WhatsApp growing and launched iMessage; they saw google sync becoming more and more popular, so they created iCloud; and in our case, Windows used the base product adv Mozilla Firefox is by far one of the noblest tech products of the twenty-first century because, in this capitalistic tech world that we live in, every single company is using your data for profit on one side you have Zakar dada who claims that WhatsApp is privacy focused but somehow he knows what you’re talking about on WhatsApp and shows you accurate ads on Instagram on the other side you have google which collects so much data about you that you can’t eve

This is how different versions of Mozilla firefox were released beginning in 2002, and as we all saw back then, internet explorer was at its peak with a mammoth 95 percent market share, and as we all saw, the indoor explorer was extremely slow, had a tonne of security issues, and lacked basic features like png image support, and this is where Mozilla rose to popularity, and within a short period, it acquired a market share of 32 with more than 350 million users but

The question is, what exactly went wrong with Mozilla? As it turns out, just like in the 1990s, browsers became more important than computers from the early 2000s onwards, another entity became more important than the internet browser itself, which was search engines, and the market leader in search engines, as we all know, was none other than Google, so just like people started using internet browsers regardless of the pcs that they bought in the early 2000s people started using internet browsers regardless of the pcs that they This is the tragedy of Mozilla, wherein despite building the best technology in the world, giving it away at the lowest possible price, and building a noble tech company that respected the privacy of its users when no one else did, Mozilla is now on the verge of extinction. which are the business lessons that we need to learn from the Mozilla tragedy before we move on. 

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While there was tremendous rivalry in the operating system industry, rather than go head-to-head with Microsoft, Netscape tapped into the new market by inventing a browser. This allowed them to capitalize on the growing demand for their product. Similarly, Apple created a blue ocean for itself by releasing the iPad amid intense rivalry in the operating system market.

Therefore, anytime you are in a cutthroat battle, keep in mind that in addition to developing a superior product, you also need to try to find a new market that the giants would not care to enter. The second thing you need to learn is that if you are operating in a highly competitive market, constructing a barrier that makes it difficult for others to compete with you is of the utmost significance. As time went on, Google became increasingly accurate with its search results, and as a result, the likelihood of another company successfully competing with Google decreased.

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