Heli-Skiing in 2021

With many of the favoured ski resorts closed or off-limits, it might be time to undertake something new when you’re ready to make that next journey throughout the approaching year. Cookson Adventures the speculative travel specialist suggests making your next trip to the slopes a heli-skiing expedition.

Henry Cookson, founding father of Cookson Adventures said that when the run belongs to you can start celebrations can begin at any point irrespective of the annual getaway to the slopes by skinning up to a foreign peak or flying by helicopter to an unexplored summit, able to descend on virgin slopes. When in the clouds just raise a glass of champagne while looking at the carpet of clouds, knowing that you’re sharing the mountain with friends and no-one else.

By venturing to those extraordinarily remote slopes, you’re promised the last word in adrenaline-filled, socially-distanced travel.

Kackar, Turkey

This place is recommending by the Cookson for heli-skiing as this location is known for its narrow range boasting perfect skiing conditions due to storms that blow wet air off the Black Sea to above the mountains before dropping a surprising amount of fresh snow onto them. Exclusive access is often arranged for little groups per week, so you’ll enjoy the mountains with just your friends or family.

Visit in: January – March*

Karakorum Range, Pakistan

Being lifted by helicopters onto the Karakoram range in Pakistan (home to the second highest peak within the world) allows you to ski down barely touched slopes. Having only opened to heli-skiing in recent years, this remote region provides a rush of adrenaline as dedicated military officials escort you down fresh powder runs. An itinerary can include scenic mountain dinners, a private media team, helicopter tours and nights during a bespoke luxury camp featuring wood fires and throws.

Visit in: February*

Denali Range, Alaska

Alaska may be a land of gargantuan proportions where 600 inches of fresh snow falls every season. A land promising high-octane adventure, this is often a second home to several big-mountain ski professionals. this suggests the extent of guiding and native knowledge is outstanding. With the dramatic Alaskan landscape as a backdrop, you’ll heli-ski, ice fish, take a polar plunge, fat bike and explore the valleys by snowshoe.

Visit in: March – April*


Controlling the untracked heli-ski surface on Iceland’s Arctic maritime snowpack where volcanoes and glaciers look down on cragged coasts and crashing waterfalls. Here you’ll ski an enormous sort of terrain, from open bowls and steep couloirs to long runs from mountain peaks. You even descend into the guts of volcanoes, ice caves and glaciers. Travelling here allows you to get astonished at Iceland’s geographic wonders within the company of world-class guides with cutting-edge equipment.

Visit in: March – May*

Baffin Island, Canadian High Arctic

Observing few slopes as some have skied before by venturing to the northernmost ski-fields within the Arctic tundra of the Cordillera range. Began from a heli-ski base located among the fjords of Baffin Island to succeed in untouched wildernesses that allow you to be the among the primary to ski such slopes. Cookson hosts clients during a private collection of Pacific Domes, which include dining and club-house tents, while offering exploration of the slopes via snow-cat and helicopter. Furthermore, as challenging yourself with a number of the world’s longest couloirs and highest vertical cliff faces, you’re ready to experience the culture of the native Inuit people.

Visit in: March – May*

Kamchatka, Eastern Russia

Wildlife enthusiasts also as intrepid heli-skiers are blown away by this volcanic archipelago within the Russian Far East, which is home to untamed landscapes and endemic species. As per Cookson, once you aren’t spotting killer whales or Arctic foxes, you’ll heli-ski during this UNESCO World Heritage Site, with instructors at your side. Surrounding over 200 volcanoes the archipelago the has perfect weather for light powder slopes.

Visit in: March – May*


Greenland’s vast wilderness of glaciated mountains offers a number of the best first heli-skiing descents within the world. Paired with this is often the pliability and luxury an explorer yacht can provide, seeing you dive among historic shipwrecks, spot marine life and have interaction with a very isolated culture. Here, you’ll ski first descents over wildly varied terrain, cold-water dive in crystal-clear waters and spot marine life starting from beluga to narwhal and bowhead whales. Cookson is additionally ready to fly you onto the ice cap to kite-ski, dogsled or snowmobile over the ice sheet.

Visit in: April – May*

Chilean Andes, South America

The Chilean and Argentinean Andes are among the very huge mountains within the world outside of the Himalayas, with long runs, sunny days and dry snow. With a knowledgeable guide at your side, it’s possible to locate and ski virgin slopes here, and if you’re based during a range within the Maipo Valley, you’re also just a one-hour drive from Chile’s capital, Santiago.

Visit in: July – September*