Google Play System Update for July 2022: “Google Wallet” is now called “Google Pay,” the Play Store is better, and more

Google Play System

After releasing a new set of security patches for Android phones in the same month, Google released the July update for the Google Play System.

The world’s biggest search engine has added new features to the Google Play Store and changed the name of “Google Wallet,” among other things.

Changes to the Google Play system for July 2022

Google Pay has been renamed “Google Wallet,” as XDA Developers noticed on Google’s support page. This is part of the new Play System update. There’s a good chance that this app will be out soon, but there’s no date set yet.

The Material You will also get a new look in the July update. This is Google’s design language, which was first used in the Android 12 OS. It is currently available on Tecno, Realme, Vivo, OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi, and other brands of Android phones.

Here, especially for Android developers, there’s a lot to look forward to. Since the Play System will offer “seamless experiences across multiple devices,” According to a report by 9to5Google, “Nearby Share APIs” at the last Google I/O might have given a hint about it.

List of All Revisions and Updates

Here’s what you need to see to get a clear picture of the improvements that go with the Google Play System.

Management of accounts

New look for the section headers on the Data and Privacy tab of your Google account settings [phone].

Device Connectivity

Integration with several mobile devices [phone] is required for APIs.

Google Play Store 

  • Google Play Store  As an app download in the background, waiting times are cut down.
  • New features have been added to App & Games that will help you find more apps and games.
  • Installation and downloading went faster thanks to optimization changes.
  • Program updates for both the Play Pass and the Play Points systems.
  • Google Play billing has been improved
  • Google Play Protects has a new safety feature that all users can use.
  • Bug fixes, better accessibility, stability, and security, and better performance.


Provide a way to sort the data plans that can be bought by the different categories that the Carrier sends.


The latest update is made to Google Material Design. Rebranded “Google Wallet” arrives.

Developer Service

  • New features for Google and for app developers who are not Google. Services for the Maps app have been added.

Google Play Store version 31.1 will make improvements to the Play Store, and Google Play services version 22.22 will change the name of Wallet, add data plan filters, and change the look of the Data & Privacy tab.

The Google Play services v22.26 will give developer features for Maps-linked services to third-party apps.

Tech Times also wrote about a way to stop automatic updates from happening on the Google Play Store. If they bother you, you can turn them off easily by going to your profile display.

From there, go to Settings and tap on the section called “Network Preferences.” Then, choose Update apps automatically. Now, tap “Don’t auto-update apps,” and when you’re done, click “Done.”

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