Google Live Relay Unveiled to Make Phone Calls Easier for Those With Difficulty Hearing


Google has made an announcements at Google I/O, ranging from Android Q advancements to unveiling of new hardware. Two particularly interesting announcements will be play a huge role for the enhancing with new mobile technology were Live Relay and Project ‘Euphonia’. The Live Relay feature is maily targeted to those with hearing difficulties and allows to have a regular phone call by live transcribing the audio from the other end. Project Euphonia, on the other hand is for people with speech difficulties resulting from ALS or other degenerative ailments.

It is a research project which aims to the make it easier for people affected by hear difficulties issue to have a regular conversation over a phone call. Live Relay for the first transcribes whatever the person on the other end has said by using speech recognition algorithms. Once the voice transcript appears on the screen, users can send a response presented to them using Smart Reply and Smart Compose which is then converted into audio and relayed to the person on the other end of the call.

Google also talked about the Live Transcribe and Sound Amplifier application.