One of my all-time favourite Mango Smoothie

Mangos are so sweet, so succulent, so tropical, and just madly delightful. I’ve gone days where I’ve eaten that comprises of me simply eating mangos. That is correct, straight up eating cold blocks of sweet, delicious mangos. Eating mangoes helps me to remember Asia, in the most ideal way. I ate so numerous mango tacky rice sweets in Thailand (I should make mango tacky rice on the blog!) and being directly up fixated on the mango smoothie from Hui Lau Shan in Hong Kong.

Have you folks known about Hui Lau Shan? They’re a HK staple, a chain of pastry shops that work in mango beverages and pastries. They’re inconceivably dearest and they have stores everywhere on the world, even in LA.

Cutest mango mascot and the best mango drinks are their speciality. Trust me, a mango drink is staggeringly invigorating in the warm and damp warmth and any remaining climate as well.

Mango is life

There are more than 500 assortments of mangos out there. World acclaimed Alphonso mangos are regularly supposed to be the most awesome aspect the best, yet they have an exceptionally little season and aren’t actually promptly accessible outside of India, in any event except if you’re willing to address silly costs. As far as I might be concerned, the most promptly accessible and best mango in North America is the Carabao mango. It’s radiant orange, very sweet, not very fiberous, has a little pit, and is excessively delicious – run down your arms succulent.

Instructions to cut a mango

There are such countless approaches to strip and cut a mango! Here are two that I do:

The vegetable peeler

You can strip a mango utilizing a vegetable peeler. Simply strip it the manner in which you would a carrot. From that point onward, spread the mango out on the cutting board, tall-ways. Cautiously utilize a blade to cut off portion of the mango, situating your blade helter-skelter to evade the pit in the center. Rehash on the opposite side and afterward cautiously utilize a blending blade to manage off any additional mango from the pit. Dice up the mango as wanted.

The hedgehog technique

The alternate method to strip is the hedgehog technique: hold the mango on a cutting board, tall-ways. Utilize a blade and remove a projection of mango, situating your blade unbalanced to maintain a strategic distance from the pit. Rehash on the opposite side. Take the mango and utilize a matching blade to cut a framework into the mango parts, being mindful so as not to slice through the skin. Flip the mango so the 3D squares are jabbing out then cautiously cut off the shapes. Or on the other hand you could utilize a spoon to scoop everything out.

While picking a mango, shading doesn’t actually matter. What you’re searching for is a firm skin that has quite recently the smallest piece of give, similar to when a peach or avocado is ready. Take a sniff: in the event that it smells overly fragrant and sweet, it’s prepared for you.

Mango calories

Despite the fact that a mango tastes extraordinary, it’s additionally extremely low in calories. One normal mango just has 202 calories!

Hong Kong style mango smoothie

The Hui Lau Shan A1 is my supreme top choice: mango and mango jam in mango juice. That is triple mango. Fortunately, mangos are practically a staple at the supermarket in summer since I’ve been getting them up like frantic.

This mango smoothie is everything a mango smoothie needs to be. Cold and sweet and succulent with delicate and soft mango jam shapes and new mango. Genuinely so reviving. It requires some investment and premonition, however I guarantee you, it’s great.

Frozen Mango

The formula calls for frozen mango shapes, which are accessible all over, even on the web! I track down that new ones are quite often better, so I strip, block, and freeze new mangos explicitly for this smoothie. It requires around 4 hours in our cooler, so you can do it not long before you make the jam and have everything prepared simultaneously. Remember to save some new mango for embellish however!

Mango juice and mango puree

What’s the contrast between mango juice and mango puree? It’s just an issue of thickness. Mango juice is normally slenderer and mango puree is all the thicker. I will in general purchase mango squeeze and make mango puree.

These days’ mango juice is practically accessible at most supermarkets. They for the most part name it as mango nectar. In the event that I see it, I get 100% Pure mango juice nectar by Philippine brand since it’s basically mango, sugar, and some citrus extracts as a stabilizer. Other great decisions: SunTropics in the ice chest segment, Goya, and Jumex. The key is to go for a juice that is unadulterated mango, not a juice mix.

I like to make my own mango puree by mixing up new mangos. Basically strip and dice your mangos then pop them in the blender or food processor and mix until smooth. You shouldn’t have to any fluid to your blender or food processor since mangos are quite delicious all alone. You could go out and purchase mango puree – they sell it as a claim to fame thing, frozen in some strength food stores, yet it’s much simpler to make your own.


Make the mango jam:

sprinkle the gelatin on the mango squeeze and let blossom for 3-5 minutes at that point mix in the hot water. At the point when the gelatin is disintegrated, mix in the sugar, assuming utilizing, the mango puree. Fill a little rectangular dish or holder and let set, around 4 hours. At the point when set, cut into little 3D squares.

Make the mango smoothie:

Blend the frozen mango shapes with the juice and ice until smooth.


Add some mango jam to the lower part of a glass, at that point top with the mango smoothie and some new mango solid shapes. Appreciate right away!