Describe a development in your country like a shopping center what is it? where is it? what are its benefits?


Today is the world of fashion . with the advent of modernization everybody crazy about fashion . today I would like to talk about a development in my country like shopping centers. In the past time there were not much sources of communication. But with the advancement of technology people easily approach to the cultures of other nations specially west countries . Through media like Tv computer , internet and other fashion websites .

so the government needs to establish shopping centres in the country which only not fulfill the needs of the people but also becomes an important source of income for the government of the nation. In big cities government encourage the people who interested in opening big malls by giving subsidies to them and the result is we have seen that big malls are opened and a person can buy anything which he wants under one roof , Different types of clothes of different brands are available in these malls . A large number of people get jobs in these shopping centers and this enhances the economy of the country.

people can also buy their household items there like furniture, crockery, utensils, luggage etc.there is also a different section in the mall which is known as toys world where every kind of toys for children are available for different some malls male, female and children accessories are divided into different apartments. for instance, if there are items of men on the first floor then of females are on the second floor and of children on another floor for the ease of the this is a big development in my country.

Q-1 describe the development in your country in past and the present era.
Ans: there is a big difference between the development in the present and past the past time technology was not fully there was not much development in the past but with the advent of technology, there is development in every field of life.

Q-2 what kinds of developments are undergoing in your country in this modern era?
Ans: there are developments in every field.a new kind of airports, bus stands, railway stations, shopping malls, four-lane roads, underground transport facilities. moreover, computerization prevailed in every sector and everything becomes online. this development changed the face of the world completely.

Q-3 are you living in a developed or developing country?
Ans: I am living in a developing country.i belong to India whose economy is developing very comparison to past, it achieved enormous success in every field. my country becomes a nuclear power and comes in the most powerful nations of the world.