Community Engagement graduate program at University of Alberta

Community Engagement graduate program

The Community Engagement Graduate Program in the School of Public Health offers an inside and out hypothetical assessment of the theoretical and philosophical underpinnings of local area commitment, alongside basic investigation of related proof based examination, and the chance to acquire down to earth insight in the use of this developing field. The Master of Arts in Community Engagement (MACE) degree is an interdisciplinary alumni program intended for those looking to give intelligent and educated authority in local area commitment and supportability applied to industry, postsecondary schooling, government, and not-revenue driven settings. The MACE program is a postulation based degree involved coursework in principle and investigation of local area commitment, cooperation, association improvement, social mindfulness, research strategy, project the board, and strategy advancement. A chance for reasonable experience is accessible to all understudies through the local area administration learning part inside the MACE program.

Entrance Requirements for Community Engagement graduate program

The Faculty’s base confirmation prerequisites are a college degree in a pertinent field with an affirmation GPA of in any event 3.0 on the 4-point scale from the University of Alberta, or a comparable capability and remaining from a perceived organization. The attestation GPA will be resolved on the last ★60 of assessed coursework completed, or on what may be contrasted with the latest two years of full-time surveyed coursework.

At any rate one year of pertinent local area based experience is liked.

Where pertinent, candidates should give evidence of English Language Proficiency (allude to English Language Requirement). Any of coming up next is adequate:

  • TOEFL: least score of 100 with a score of at any rate 21 on every one of the individual expertise regions (web based), or same;
  • A practically identical score on an English Language Proficiency test supported by the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research.

Candidates are likewise needed to present the accompanying:

  • CV or resume.
  • One example of scholarly composition.
  • Three letters of reference (at any rate one from a scholarly arbitrator).
  • A letter of plan which (a) determines how the finishing of this program would uphold proficient and individual objectives; (b) distinguishes a temporary exploration subject; and (c) clarifies how the candidate’s advantages line up with research being finished by employees in the Faculty of Extension.

The candidate ought to recognize proper employees from the School of Public Health as expected administrators.

Program Requirements

MA degree in Community Engagement [Graduate]

Graduate Courses

Courses of graduate can be found in Course Listings, under the subject heading Community Engagement (MACE).