Android 12L Update Brings Taskbar, Split Screen, UI Enhancements to Galaxy Tab S8 Series

Galaxy Tab S8

Samsung Electronics’ biggest, boldest, and most versatile tablet line has a wide screen and a lot of creative functions that make everyday tasks easier. Now, with Android’s 12L updates, the experience on the flagship tablet’s large screen is even better, and updates will soon be coming to the Galaxy Tab S8 series and other Galaxy tablets.

The 12L update will make a big difference to the Galaxy Tab S8 series by adding a taskbar at the bottom of the screen. This will make the tablet’s user interface (UI) more intuitive and easy to use than ever before. Users of the Galaxy Tab S8 series will be able to switch between apps faster and more easily in the future. They will also be able to enjoy more customizable layouts, seamless multitasking, and apps that look better than ever on large screens. Split Screen View can support up to three screens, the taskbar can be temporarily hidden for a more immersive screen view, notifications can be dragged right into split screen, and all apps can be seen in a grid-style layout, to name a few of the changes users can expect.

Multitasking Made Easy Through Taskbar

Want to look through your photo gallery while keeping an eye on a thread of messages? 12L makes the new and improved taskbar on the Galaxy Tab S8 series slimmer, more responsive, and better at switching between tasks than ever before. Add your favorite apps to your taskbar and tap quickly and easily between active sessions. The taskbar also keeps track of and shows your two most recently used programs, so you can always pick up right where you left off.

Need to see more than one app at the same time? You can split the screen and see the app sessions side by side by dragging and dropping two or three of your most important apps from the taskbar. You can also get into the split screen by turning on the “Swipe for Split Screen” option in Galaxy Labs. This is a feature that lets you open a new app on a split screen by swiping with two fingers from the left, right, or bottom of the screen. Tap the home button in the taskbar to go back to the home screen.

Step: Go to Settings, then Advanced, then Labs. To turn on the feature, click on “Swipe for split screen.”

Maximizing Split Screen Potential on the Large Screen of the Galaxy Tab S8 Series

The display on the Galaxy Tab S8 series is clear and big, and new updates let users customize and use it to its fullest, letting them get the most out of their tablet’s productivity.

There are now more ways than ever to use a split screen, whether you want to keep up with a group chat while planning your route to a meetup or want to work on your investment portfolio while checking stock price changes. When a notification pops up, the user can choose to go into full screen right away or drag the notification next to an active app to go into Split Screen View right away without having to stop what they were doing.

You can also save whole groups of things on your taskbar by putting your urine favorite App Pair2 in a folder. If you’re using one split-screen layout to research a product you might buy and another layout to plan a trip, you can save both layouts to the taskbar as separate App Pairs and switch between them whenever you want.

Split Screen View makes it easier to do more than one thing at once by letting you see up to three apps at once. Users can move and resize the apps to make them fit the task they are doing best.

Step: Open a pair of apps (up to three at a time) > Tap the three dots in the space between the apps > Click on the star-shaped icon that says Favorite > Put the pair of apps on the taskbar

New Peek-Through Feature Makes Pop-Overs See-Through

Pop-overs have a lot of power. You can set up events, change settings, and do more without having to switch screens. But sometimes you need a quick look at your Samsung Calendar app when adding an event or at your to-do list when writing a reminder, and pop-overs can get in the way.

With the most recent updates3, you can peek right through your pop-overs by touching and holding the screen around them. When you do this, pop-ups will become temporarily clear so you can see the rest of the app behind them. As soon as you lift your finger, they come back. This seamless flow lets you see the big picture when you’re making new plans, and it also works with the Clock and Reminder apps.

Step: Open your Samsung Calendar/Clock/Reminder > Plan a new event with a pop-over > To peek through, touch and hold the screen outside the pop-over.

More apps that work well on a split screen make for a satisfying productivity experience

12L increases the number of third-party apps that work on the Galaxy Tab S8 series by letting all apps open in a pop-up view or Split Screen View. This makes sure that apps look good on a bigger screen and are displayed in the right proportions

In addition to apps like Samsung Notes and Google Meet that were already optimized for a bigger screen, 12L adds a wider range of third-party apps that are also made to fit a bigger screen. In the months after the 12L update, more and more third-party apps will be made to work better with bigger windows. This new user interface makes sure that your apps give you the most productivity power and use every inch of the large display on the Galaxy Tab S8 series. This is true whether you use them alone or in Split Screen View.

Step: Go to Settings, then Advanced, then Labs. Set “Multiple windows for all apps” to “On.”

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