6 tech gadgets that will make your office life better  

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Here is a list of innovative and stylish tech gadgets for the office. Here’s my new and improved desk.

In college, one of our teachers told us to “evolve, always.” I took that advice and upgraded my desk after only a few weeks on the job. 

1) Outlet Tower

It’s a pain to share a desk with several devices that all need to be charged at the same time every day. The Outlet Tower helps get rid of the mess of cables that looks like a cat playing with a ball of yarn. This Amazon find has twelve outlets and three USB charging ports, so it fits well in my cart. Overload protection, short-circuit protection, and lightning protection are all built-in, and rubber mats keep the handle from slipping.

2) Ergonomic Mouse

A mouse that is good for your body is a good long-term investment. It helps you keep your hand and wrist in a straight position (like a handshake). This makes people less sore and less tired after working long hours. Most ergonomic mice are either vertical or have a trackball. Changing your mouse can help you avoid problems like carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive stress injuries (RSI).

3) Adjustable Standing Desk

Studies show that a standing desk makes you feel better and lowers your blood sugar. It also keeps you from getting too fat and from having back pain. The nice thing about an adjustable desk is that you can choose to stand or sit, depending on what’s most comfortable for you.

4) Multidevice Keyboard

A wireless keyboard that lets you connect to more than one device is technology’s way of saying, “You can do it all.” Once you have your keyboard where you want it, you can connect your phone, computer, iPad, and other devices. Makes your work smarter and better.

5) Warmer for coffee mugs

According to the National Coffee Association, the best temperature for coffee is between 82°C and 85°C. In reality, the temperature of your coffee depends on how far away your desk is from the cafeteria and how fast you drink it. This is not ideal. With a coffee mug warmer, you can keep your drink warm for longer without having to reheat it.

6) Thunderbolt Dock

At any time, you can turn your laptop into a desktop. With one thunderbolt dock, you can transfer data quickly for video, audio, and storage devices. It gives you the best of both worlds by letting you connect all of your devices to your computer at the same time. You won’t have to give up desk space if you save up for this one item.

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