10 Tips for Making Professional Videos for Social Media

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As a type of content, videos make learning easy and fun. Videos on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and TikTok help businesses connect with their ideal customers and all Social Media. Studies show that watching videos is the fourth most common reason people go online.

But the success of videos on social media depends on how well they are made. In this article, we’ll find out what it takes to make great videos for social media sites.

1. Define Your Target Audience

The first important step in making video content is to write down the audience’s personas. It helps you figure out what your prospects are having trouble with and what they like, so you can make the content fit their needs. You can start by writing down their job, age, whether or not they are married, and where they live. Next, make a list of their main problems, hobbies, interests, likes, and dislikes. Don’t forget to mention the social platforms your prospects like to use.

2. Decide how long your video will be

Social media videos should be between 7 seconds and 2 minutes long. Different platforms have different lengths. For example, a TikTok video should be between 7 and 15 seconds long. When you post on Facebook or Instagram, try to keep it to less than one minute. If you’re going to post a video on LinkedIn, keep it to 30 seconds or less.¬†

3. Write a great script

A script is what holds your video together. First, you should work on figuring out your writing style so that your script has the right effect. There are three important parts to a short video script: the hook, the problem, and the solution. When you know these three things, you can quickly write a good script. Don’t forget that a video script should always have a conversational tone. There’s no need to hype it up too much.

4. Work on how you look on screen

Look your best. It’s the least you can do to get people to notice your video. Remember that the people who watch your video will feel the same way you did when you made it.

The best way is to feel at ease and have a smile on your face while you record a video of yourself. You should also work on your posture and try to be as calm as possible. Dress for the mood of the video. For example, wearing a suit and tie works well for B2B videos that are meant to look authoritative. And if you’re making a video about a recipe, something bright and odd should fit the theme.

5. Change the angle of the camera

If you put yourself in the shoes of a viewer, you’ll know that a video needs changes at every point. This is where the angle of the camera comes into play. Changing the camera angle makes the scene look different. So, it helps keep people interested. Do it a few times in each video, and you’ll see that it works to get people interested in your video content.

6. Choose a background with style

Even if you don’t believe it, a video’s background is its heart and soul. You can choose a plain background color or use your office space. You could even make the video in a garden, where there is a lot of natural light. And if you end up with the wrong background, don’t worry. You can always remove the video background and replace it with something beautiful later.

7. Make good use of light

The use of light is a big difference between videos made by professionals and those made by amateurs. Before you choose your light, you should know what different kinds of natural and man-made light do. For example, soft, natural light gives your videos a laid-back, fun vibe. On the other hand, using artificial lights inside can give your video a strong, upbeat feel. In the same way, shadows are often used by videographers to make a video look dramatic and emotional.

8. Look at the sound quality

Does the quality of the sound in a short social media video matter? Yes, without a doubt. Make sure the sound is really clear if you want people to understand, like, and share your video. That’s why you should record the sound with a good microphone. Also, don’t forget to record in a quiet place so that the microphone doesn’t pick up other sounds and send them to the viewers.

9. Think about adding subtitles

People sometimes watch videos without the sound on, which is when subtitles come in handy. Also, subtitles make it easier for people from all over the world to watch and enjoy your videos. All of these videos that have a voiceover or someone talking in them would be better with subtitles.

10. Pick the right music

Make sure that the music you choose for your social video fits the theme of the video. Also, be sure to give credit to the person who made the music. The other choice, of course, is to only use music that you don’t have to pay for.


It may seem easy to make a short video for social media, but it’s not. You need to put all your effort into making your social videos stand out from the thousands of other videos out there. The idea is to pay attention to all parts of your video creation strategy and make sure that everything you do is geared toward helping your prospects solve their problems and enjoy your content.

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